Hi. My name is Renee Clark. Welcome to my .biz site. To learn more about me, please visit www.reneeclark.org.

My business is my passion. I love what I do and I enjoy teaching others, too.

CREATE Courageously

Mixed Media Art Classes


Through CREATE Courageously, I teach Mixed Media Art Classes through mobile art parties and online classes. Each and every class class focuses on the following:

HAVE FUN. Try new things, drop the fear of perfection, and reach outside of yourself to try something new.

GROW a new, more confident you. Some people have a natural knack for being creative. But, the truth is, creativity is more often developed, rather than acquired naturally. Teaching you to make art is the heart of what we do at CREATE Courageously.

SELF-DISCOVERY. Break through the fear of perfection. Through the process of making, doing, creating, you get to know yourself better.

ENJOY VARIETY. Mixed Media means multiple mediums. At CREATE Courageously, you can take classes in textural painting, decoupage, papercrafting, printmaking, jewelry making, cake decorating, screenprinting and more!