join my team.

Do you have a heart to help others?  Do you struggle with your weight or have a friend or family member who does? Do you find the current obesity trends alarming?  Do you wish to be part of the solution?

If so, I invite you to join my team.

What does a Team Beachbody Coach do?
  • We LEAD by example.  We actively lead, by example, to become our best self, physically, mentally, and spiritually.
  • We are ENCOURAGERS.  We support others as they take the first steps in becoming their best self by sharing what has helped us and offering advice and encouragement.
  • We are ENTREPRENEURS.  We help train others how to turn their Beachbody journey into a home business where they pay it forward and help others begin their journey of leading a healthy and happier life.
  • We are DREAMERS and DOERS.  We believe in living our dreams and make short-term sacrifices for long-term results.  It takes TIME to transform your body & TIME to build your business... but the time is going to pass either way.  Knowing you have the CONFIDENCE & FREEDOM to live your best life is worth it.
The Mission Statement of Team Beachbody is:
Help people achieve their goals and enjoy a healthy, fulfilling life.

You don't have to be at your goal weight to become a Team Beachbody coach!  All you need is a desire and determination to get healthy and fit, and the desire to help people get healthy and fit alongside you.  If you are a person who is looking for extra accountability to achieve your goals, and have about an hour each day to spend working on your business, becoming a Team Beachbody coach may be the perfect fit for you.

What to expect from our team:

  • New Coach Training
  • Weekly Team Calls
  • Monthly Team Challenges
  • Team Building Events
  • Leadership Training
  • Facebook Team Page
  • Team Training Website
  • Recognition & Accountability